August 18, 2008

High-energy physics considered by means of a rap video

CERN brought us the World Wide Web, which no matter what else it ever does leaves it on the plus side of the ledger. (Unless, of course, it creates black holes that destroy the planet, but that seems thankfully unlikely.) The Web led to blogs and YouTube. And now things have come full circle, as Jason Perlow has blogged a YouTube video that explains CERN’s main new venture — the much discussed Large Hadron Collider — in the form of a rap video.

It’s pretty funny and actually somewhat informative. Check it out.

Meanwhile, another video has time-lapse photography showing the building of the Large Hadron Collider. I actually only watched from about the 7:30 to 8:00 marks, but that part was pretty cool.


One Response to “High-energy physics considered by means of a rap video”

  1. JTankers on August 18th, 2008 6:25 am

    CERN’s scientists and supports argue that danger is unlikely but other scientists dispute this finding.

    The risk of danger is high as revealed by nuclear physicist Walter L. Wagner who is notably suing for confirmed proof of reasonable safety. Professor Dr. Otto E. Rossler’s theories of danger and plea to the world for an emergency safety meeting should be addressed.

    A nightmarish situation, that can still be hoped to be averted in time through communication within the scientific community, is drawn attention to. Only a few weeks remain to find out whether the danger is real or nothing but a mirage. After this time window is closed, it will take years until we know whether or not we are doomed. The story line has all the features of a best-selling novel. The reader is asked to contribute constructively.

    Quote from Dr. Otto E. Rossler, a modern day Leonardo Devinche, Professor of Theoretical Biochemistry, visiting Professor of Theoretical Physics, inventor of the Rossler Attractor, founder of Endophysics, winner of the 2003 Chaos Award of the University of Liege and the 2003 Rene Descartes Award, contributor to hyper chaos, micro relativity and author of approximately 300 scientific papers.

    Professor Rosslers latest interview with Alan Gillis may be found at

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