October 15, 2020

Much of the electorate is still undecided (about whether to vote at all)

Permission to copy this post is granted through November 3, 2020, provided that proper attribution and URL are included. Please share widely!!

As always, a HUGE fraction of the electorate remains undecided.

But the rest – tens of millions of voters and tens of percent of the electorate – are undecided as to whether they will vote at all.

Election 2020 isn’t even close to being decided or over!!! Keep campaigning!! Keep campaigning as hard as you can!!!

One way is to spread the following message, and encourage other people to spread it further:

Democrats are better for the economy than Republicans, at the Presidential and Congressional levels alike. They’ve been better for 30+ years, they’re better now, and they’ll be better in the decade ahead.

I’ve posted two versions of the argument accordingly:

Reasons to share this general-economy message include:

Please adapt, spread, and encourage the further spread of whichever version of this message you choose. Obviously, time is of the essence … and very, very, very, very much is at stake. Thank you for your support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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