January 6, 2006

Click Here, You Idiot!

One of the better online spoofs in quite a while has come along, in the form of a lengthy marketing letter. CLICKhereYOUidiot parodies all those marketing letters that are directly deprived from newsletter promotions. And yes, I know about the latter, having been in the subscription newsletter business once …

Like all parodies, it can be a bit heavy handed, but it’s worth a visit and skim.

And it reminds me — does anybody have a copy of the classic site Hey Idiot? That one had the most star-studded creative team of all: Larry Ellison, Mitchell Kertzman, and David Roux. If memory serves, Larry came up with the idea, Mitchell came up with the name, and David wrote the copy. The basic idea was a company that sold only one product — it’s own stock. And there was one rule — each sale had to be at a higher price than the last previous sale …

Here’s all that’s left of Hey Idiot on archive.org. If anybody has more of the site saved, I’d love to see it.


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