October 19, 2005

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The Monash Report analyses enterprise software and related industries. It is a successor to the Monash Software Letter and other Monash Information Services publications of the 1990s.

About the author

Curt A. Monash, Ph.D., has been a highly influential software industry analyst and participant since 1981. His writings have received extensive praise from industry leaders, including Larry Ellison’s remark “Curt Monash’s publications provide unmatched insight into technology and marketplace trends. I have read them avidly for over a decade” Fuller biographical information about Curt can be found at his Monash Information Services bio page. (Note: The Monash Information Services site hasn’t been updated for a year or two, and accordingly needs a bit of freshening.)

Curt’s views, including some historical observations, may also be found in Text Technologies (covering text mining, search, speech recognition, text command-and-control, and other linguistics-related software sectors), Software Memories (personal reminiscences and other historical notes about the last three decades or so of the software and internet industries), and DBMS2 (covering developments in enterprise database management and XML-based SOAs).

Curt’s primary email address follows the template FirstnameLastname@Lastname.com, although disguising it that way is tantamount to closing the pantry door after the spam has already gotten in. Thus, please put a distinctive title on your email, so that your email won’t mistakenly be thrown out with the bad stuff. Mentioning “Monash Report” would be one excellent idea.


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