February 7, 2009

Should we include my blog A World of Bytes in our general feed?

As is pointed out in the right-most column of this and every other blog page, we publish five blogs, all written by me. As per the boilerplate:

But I actually write a sixth blog too, which has taken over much of the role previously filled by The Monash Report. It also overlaps coverage of internet technologies with Text Technologies.

That is A World of Bytes, which I write for Network World. I use A World of Bytes as my primary outlet for mass-appeal kinds of subjects, such as public policy, e-mail, spam, and the technology of TV football broadcasts. Perhaps the most famous of those posts is this one on online reputation management, because of its last two sentences. I also use A World of Bytes for IT-centric posts on subjects that don’t fit neatly into my more focused blogs, from Oracle application glitches to general software buying practices.

Until a few weeks ago, A World of Bytes had serious UI flaws, which kept me from seriously considering integrating it into my general multi-blog feed. (If you’re reading this, you’re probably subscribed to that, and if not you definitely should be.) But those are now largely fixed.* And so it’s now time to ask:

Would you like to see A World of Bytes integrated into the general “Monash Information Services” RSS feed?

*Obviously, it’s still ad-supported. And the post categorization features are so lame as to be useless. And one paragraph style is still broken as of this writing. But that’s all minor compared to how bad it was before.

I will be guided strongly by your feedback.


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