March 16, 2007

Have analytics vendors rediscovered ease-of-deployment?

Business intelligence (BI) used to be characterized by speed and cost-effectiveness — short sales cycles, low-cost departmental purchases and deployments, evasion of IT departments’ strangleholds of data, and so on and so forth. That focus has blurred, as BI vendors have increasingly focused on analytic applications or enterprise-wide standardization sales. But increasingly I’m seeing signs that the pendulum has swung at least partway back. For example:

It’s about time.


One Response to “Have analytics vendors rediscovered ease-of-deployment?”

  1. DBMS2 — DataBase Management System Services»Blog Archive » Netezza under fire on March 16th, 2007 9:52 pm

    […] On the other hand, Netezza claims lots of sales momentum, and that’s certainly consistent with what I hear from its competitors. It also gets the occasionally cool partnership, like the Business Objects BI appliance deal. And in response to the long-standing concurrent-usage knock, I am assured there are now multiple customers with >500 users getting daily reports, doing 10s of 1000s of queries per day, and so on. Since the overall count of enterprises with multi-thousand seat BI deployments isn’t all that terribly high, this serves as substantial – even if not total — reassurance on that score. […]

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