June 20, 2006

Dave Kellogg on Paris as Silicon Valley

Dave Kellogg has a long, interesting post based on his own experiences with the attempts to make Paris into a Silicon Valley (at Business Objects, of course). He comes out very negatively. Reasons include:

1. Worker culture — people don’t have the same entrepreneurial, hard-working drive in France as they do in the US. Based on what I know of Business Objects and also of Dave’s tenure there, my gut reaction is to say this is 2/3 justified, 1/3 Dave just being Dave.

2. A lack of specific skillsets. Also, a lack of connection to the most important market, the US. I agree completely, except that these considerations apply more strongly to well-established industries than they do to truly new ones.

3. A wealth tax that drives rich people, including previously successful entrepreneurs, out of France. Ouch.


One Response to “Dave Kellogg on Paris as Silicon Valley”

  1. Text Technologies»Blog Archive » The French love their language on June 24th, 2006 11:24 pm

    […] One noteworthy aspect of the Text Analytics Summit is the French presence. France is generally inept in the software industry, but the text mining business is a clear exception. Temis is a French company. SPSS’s text mining operation (which was Lexiquest), is part French, part English, and run by a Frenchman. Teragram was founded by French guys. For variety, clustering company Semio was founded by a French semiotics professor, and nStein’s managers are a bunch of Quebecois. […]

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