August 20, 2008

Announcements, announcements, announcements!

A couple of months ago, we set up a category in this blog called Monash Research highlights for the purpose of clueing you in to our biggest news. Indeed, if you ever decide you can’t handle our full integrated feed, there’s a special Highlights feed that will keep you at least partly clued in to what we’re up to.

Other than the highlights feed itself, we have four pieces of news to share today:

Let me explain.

The white paper, sponsored by EnterpriseDB, is called The Explosion in DBMS Choice: Database alternatives for a cost-conscious world. I’ve blogged two excerpts, namely the introduction and conclusion. I urge you strongly to read it, whether in whole or just in part. Connoisseurs of our blog design may notice this new white paper referenced (even if under the fold) in the right-hand column of every blog page, on all five of the blogs we own.

Last May, Network World approached me to write a blog for them. I have longstanding relationships with John Gallant, Adam Gaffin, and the publication itself — indeed, before this blog I’d been a columnist for them twice, an adviser once, a video guest, and of course frequently quoted. They offered me visibility to their strong end-user audience, and demonstrated their general seriousness about the whole venture by ponying up regular monthly cash money.

The result is A World of Bytes, a name I’d picked even before I realized it was lifted from Nicholas Negroponte. We’re still feeling our way; for example, I just found out yesterday that the hideous and obsolete user interface — I can say that now! 🙂 — is going to be imminently replaced. But basically, what I’m doing there is summarizing views on enterprise software I present in more depth elsewhere, and also posting the primary versions of some of my thoughts on the online world.

New just this month is my Intelligent Enterprise blog. Editor Doug Henschen asked me if he could syndicate some of my posts, publicize them on the front page of Intelligent Enterprise, and pay me cash for the privilege. I thought at great length — thousands of milliseconds! — and said Yes. So far it looks great. Basically, that’s Doug’s baby. While I have the ability to edit the posts, I plan to exercise it as rarely as possible.

Finally, Konstantin Lissianski pinged me on AIM and asked whether he could translate and republish some of my posts about BI or data warehousing for his Russian audience, on the site That’s a business relationship too, albeit looser than with the more established American publishers; i.e., we’ve outlined how to “skin the unkilled bear.”

That’s it for now. I’m off for a short trip to the Bay Area. When I return, I plan to get the Monash Letters back on track, for the ever-growing membership of the Monash Advantage. Stay tuned for further highlights!


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